Saturday, July 30, 2016

Pokemon Go Chaos - Request for Pokestop/Gym Removal

Pokemon Go became a global phenomena, with millions of downloads and daily active users world wide. However negative side of merging games into reality also started to resurface. We have read reports of Pokemon Go being blamed for different kinds of problems like causing traffic accidents, robbery, causing players to fall of a cliff and most of all - trespassing.

Pokemon Go players have been out everywhere trying to find the virtual monsters, they have hit streets, parks, churches and a number of times without knowing that they have already ventured into private properties.

There are reports when hundreds of Pokemon Go players swarmed a local suburb as it became a location of several Pokemon spawning points, resulting into traffic violations, accidents and trespassing. Players are known to be playing while driving around the suburb making it very dangerous not only for the players but for the residents as well.

The makers of Pokemon Go was overwhelmed with request to remove Pokemon sites and in order to cater with such reports they have launched a support site where property owners can now request for removal of Pokemon sites on their property. All are currently done manualy but the Pokemon Go creators says that they are working on a system to let real-world locations opt out as Pokestops.

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