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Final Fantasy Exvius - Current Unit List

The following are the current units available in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
They seem to be holding the Final Fantasy 7 characters right now and I'm eagerly waiting to get my hands on Sephiroth or have a full Turks team.

I would like to give thanks to http://onlinefanatic.com for providing the list.


Current Unit List

Here are all the available units right now. New units will be added once we get an update! I am doing a review for each unit. The ones with their name in red are clickable and I will keep on doing more unit reviews till its completed!

NameSpriteFrom?RoleBase RarityMax RarityTrust Master
RainRain-5FF BEPhysical Damage, Support25-
LasswellLasswell-5FF BEPhysical Damage25-
FinaFina-5FF BEHealing, Support25-
RizerRizer-2FF BEPhysical Damage12HP +10%
LeahLeah-2FF BEHealing12Banish
TronnTronn-2FF BEMagic Damage12Fira
EldinEldin-2FF BESupport12Pilfer
BaurgBaurg-2FF BEPhysical Damage12Store
GimleeGimlee-2FF BEHealing12Aim
MaxellMaxell-2FF BEPhysical Damage12Power Shot
LizaLiza-2FF BESupport12Lullaby
WedgeWedge-3FF 6Magic Damage23Fire Beam
BiggsBiggs-3FF 6Magic Damage23Blizzard Beam
PaulPaul-3FF 2Support23Escape
AnastasisAnastasis-3FF 12Healing23Regen
SarahSarah-3FF 1Support23Paean
King GiottKing_Giott-3FF 4Physical Damage23Stone Killer
ShikiShiki-3FF BEPhysical Damage23Tranquility
MizellMizell-3FF BESupport23Deprotect
RonaldoRonaldo-3FF BEHybrid Damage23Drain Blade
MelMel-3FF BESupport, Healing23Drink
ViviVivi-4FF 9Magic Damage34Firaga
PeneloPenelo-4FF 12Support34Equip S Sword
MariaMaria-4FF 2Healing34Esuna
SabinSabin-4FF 6Physical Damage34Counter
ShadowShadow-4FF 6Support34Throw
KrileKrile-4FF 5Magic Damage, Healing34Thundaga
KainKain-4FF 4Physical Damage34Gungnir
EdgarEdgar-4FF 6Physical Damage, Support34Machine Killer
FranFran-4FF 12Support, Healing34Cleanse
ShantottoShantotto-4FF 11Magic Damage34MAG +30%
RydiaRydia-4FF 4Magic Damage34Blizzaga
CyanCyan-4FF 6Physical Damage34Evade
ClyneClyne-4FF BEHealing34Cover
AnzelmAnzelm-4FF BEMagic Damage, Healing34Drain
LunaLuna-4FF BEPhysical Damage34Barrage
BedileBedile-4FF BEHybrid Damage, Support34Thundaga Blade
GarlandGarland-5FF 1Physical Damage, Tank35Equip L Sword
ExdeathExdeath-5FF 5Magic Damage35Holy
KujaKuja-5FF 9Magic Damage35Flare
Cloud of DarknessCloud_of_Darkness-5FF 3Physical Damage, Support35Auto-Limit
CecilCecil-5FF 4Tank, Healing35Excalibur
TerraTerra-5FF 6Magic Damage, Healing35Ultima
Magitek Armor TerraMagitek_Armor_Terra-4FF 6Magic Damage34-
BartzBartz-5FF 5Physical Damage35Doublehand
FirionFirion-5FF 2Physical Damage35Equip H Armor
ZidaneZidane-5FF 9Support35Dual Wield
VaanVaan-5FF 12Support35Maximilian
DuaneDuane-5FF BESupport, Physical Damage35Bioga Blade
CeriusCerius-5FF BESupport35Miracle Shoes
RoseliaRoselia-5FF BEHealing35Equip Staff
MediusMedius-5FF BEPhysical Damage35Growth Egg
SaraiSarai-2FF BESupport12Silence Dance
PaulaPaula-3FF BEMagic Damage23Stonra
KenyuKenyu-3FF BEPhysical Damage23Raging Fist
OllieOllie-3FF BETank23Aquan Killer
CarrieCarrie-3FF BEPhysical Damage, Healing23Sunbeam
SkahaSkaha-3FF BEPhysical Damage23Dragon Killer
MontanaMontana-3FF BESupport23Camouflage
RussellRussell-4FF BETank, Support34Bladeblitz
MiyukiMiyuki-5FF BESupport35Sakurafubuki
GolbezGolbez-5FF 4Magic Damage35Meteor
GalufGaluf-4FF 5Magic Damage34Comet
XiaoXiao-5FF BEPhysical Damage, Support35Kaiser Knuckles
LockeLocke-5FF 6Support, Physical Damage35Rising Sun
LeoLeo-5FF 6Tank, Physical Damage35Aegis Shield
GilbertGilbert-5FF BESupport35Dream Harp
CelesCeles-5FF 6Magic Damage, Support35Minerva Bustier
KefkaKefka-5FF 6Magic Damage35Ribbon
RakshasaRakshasa-5FF BEHybrid Damage, Support35Holy Blade
ChizuruChizuru 5FF BEPhysical Damage45Blade Mastery
ArtemiosArtemios-5FF BEPhysical Damage35Equip Bow
HayateHayate 5 StarFF BESupport35Black Cowl

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